Event quest: 10 Level: 70

Title: 3. Job Change - Job Change Zeremonie

Level requirement: Level 70

  1. Go to the city "Temporary Fort of Geum-Ohee Castle".
  2. Talk to "Soldier at Fort of Geum-Ohee Castle [Jae-Ga]" (14).
  3. Go to the city "City of Priest".
  4. Talk to "Seo-An".
  5. Find now 20 of the following items in the "Forrest of Elements" by Element monsters:
    - 20 x eq10_01_2 "element of fire"
    - 20 x eq10_02_2 "element of water"
    - 20 x eq10_03_2 "element of wood"
    - 20 x eq10_04_2 "element of iron"
    - 20 x eq10_05_2 "element of ground"
    You can also found "Imperfect element of .." by monsters in "Forrest of Elements" or "Tower of Priest" (Dungeon 5). 20 imperfect elements could change to a "perfect" elements by "Element collection official [Hwa Eun]" in the city "City of Priest". Each conversion process costs 200,000 gold and the success of transformation is at a certain percent chance (35%).
    Conversion table:
    Imperfect element Element Purified element
    20 x eq10_01_1 "Imperfect element of fire" 1 x eq10_01_2 "element of fire" eq10_01_3
    20 x eq10_02_1 "Imperfect element of water" 1 x eq10_02_2 "element of water" eq10_02_3
    20 x eq10_03_1 "Imperfect element of wood" 1 x eq10_03_2 "element of wood" eq10_03_3
    20 x eq10_04_1 "Imperfect element of iron" 1 x eq10_04_2 "element of iron" eq10_04_3
    20 x eq10_05_1 "Imperfect element of ground" 1 x eq10_05_2 "element of ground" eq10_05_3
  6. Clean now all the element on the right altar in "Forrest of Elements".
  7. Talk again with "Seo-An".
  8. Find now the following four offerings:
    eq10_06 "Monster's Right Arm" by "Demon Monster" in Dungeon 4 - The Demon's Advance Base
    eq10_07 "Necklace of Evil" by "Chief of the Traitor's Hangout, Yoong-Gi" in the Highlands of Sky (Hang Out)
    eq10_08 "Lord's Jaw" by "Lord of Shadow Troop" in Dungeon 2
    eq10_09 "Sword of the Chief Defender" by "Twisted Demon Defender" on the Emok Island
  9. Talk again with "Seo-An".
  10. Now find the following 2 items:
    eq10_10 "Complete E-moogy's Scale" by "Ghost of Dragon" on the Emok Island
    eq10_11 "Horn of Doggebi Lord " by "Doggebi Lord" in Dungeon 3 - Doggebi Tower or by "I'Lyer" in Dungeon 5 - Tower of Priest
  11. Talk again with "Seo-An".

Reward: New class (3. Job-Change) with new skills