Additional values on objects

Published: Wednesday, 05 March 2014
Items such as armor, weapons or accessories (belts, rings and earrings) can be upgraded with additional values. Different are needed for the upgrading of Talisman for the different items. Here a list of all different types of talismans.
Some talismans have two properties. One of the two properties on the gun may be applied for use of the talisman.
A talisman is pulled into the inventory with the mouse on the appropriate object. A query is displayed whether or not really used the talisman on this subject. After confirming this query attempts to upgrade the subject with the talisman. So that the subject-matter instead loses durability or even breaks, it can be secured with a "Polishng Stone" for an improvement process. Dien after attempting to upgrade subject to the effect of stone disappears. Then, the item may again break or lose on durability.
The first 2 attempts are sure only when aT/alisman of Defense / talisman of accuracy and no "Polishing Stone" is required.

Breaks an object when attempting to upgrade, you erhälht "Revision Stones". (These stones are required for a weapon an additional damage - explosive to add blow [EB]. For more information see explosive blow.)