Description of KAL online

Published: Friday, 28 February 2014

KAL online is an MMORPG (Massive(ly) multiplayer online role-playing game) where it is necessary to do a character classes from 4 different [Mage (Mage), fighter (Knight), Archer (Archer) and thief (thief)], through the world of KAL online. Each character class represents two jobs. More information about the character classes!

Should not forget the event orders, with which each character can change his job, in addition to normal orders (quest) . The orders introduce through different towns and worlds of KAL online. Also boss monsters in caves or towers (dungeons) may with 8 players, or in the new Tower of priest with up to 300 players are defeated.

Also the PvP (Player versus player) are diverse possibilities in KAL-online. There are arenas in addition to the weekly Castel Wars, where guilds each other fight also single player versus player or Guild against Guild.


Assistance for KAL online beginners:

To sweeten the entry in KAL online for beginners, to get from the server level for every 10 (level 10, level 20,...), the character played, a reward from the server.

The reward includes:

  • Experience stones with which to get up to 30% more experience for 1 day
  • Revival roles
  • City tele port roles
  • Player tele port roles
  • Horns, with which you can write on the entire server
  • Stones can be used to secure items for upgrades


In addition to the reward players can up to level 15 the student / teacher system to join and so may find the stands for more questions about the page a nice player.