Information about the archers

Published: Sunday, 02 March 2014


Character class: Archer (Archer)
Gender: Female
Weapon type: Bow
Campaign type: Ranged combat
Aggression on Monster: Normal
Job descriptions: Expert Archer-> God of bow Imperial Commander-> Imperial General
  • high damage throughout the distributed
  • Stunning shots
  • Mass damage by hail of arrows (splash damage AOE)
  • increased range
  • Protection against various resistors
  • Mass damage by poisoning (splash damage AOE)
  • negative enchantments
  • Remove positive enchantments
  • Absorb life from enemies
  • Magic arrows (with higher aggressiveness)
  • no consumption of arrows (infinite)
  • increased critical damage
  • increased evasion (enemies meet one hardly)
  • low Defense (receives from enemies more damage)