Published: Wednesday, 05 March 2014

Assassins are players who retain the ability to attack other players like a monster through a mask. A distinction is made between two types of masks that Fort to buy Castle of Geum-Ohee dealer "Mask Merchant" (17) are there in the city temporary. A mask is holding one another for two hours.

The mask can only of players from level 41 with a double click in the Inventtar to activate, and then the player name is replaced by "Assassin" in red. If the player in the assassin mode makes chat entries, the assassin will appear in chat.

Following properties are applicable during the skill of the mask:

  • the assassin can attack other players
  • the assassin can be attacked by other players
  • in the initial area of Narootuh up to the Geum Oh mine, assassins can attack any other player. Only assassins themselves can attack (this is a safeguard for newcomers.)
  • the assassin may not leave the game. Nevertheless, to leave the game, the game must be connected via the Task Manager (CTRL + AL + del)
  • all players who die by an assassin, lose no experience
  • all players are safe from attacks an assassin until level 40
  • the assassin can attack level only players of a level difference of maximum 20
  • the assassin, dies the mask shatters and the property ends
  • the assassin, dies she lose normal experience points such as by a monster
  • an assassin can use any objects bound to the player (bounded items)
  • to a certain percent chance (33%) can the assassin drop, if she dies, an arbitrary object from inventory
  • to a certain percent chance, players who die by an assassin can drop any subject from your inventory