Information about the fighter

Published: Sunday, 02 March 2014


Character class: Fighter (Knight)
Gender: Male
Weapon type:
  • 2 H sword (increased damage, reduced attack speed)
  • 1 H sword & shield (decreased damage, increased attack speed)
Campaign type: Close combat
Aggression on Monster: Normal
Job descriptions: Vagabound swordman-> God of sword Commander-> General
  • high damage on short time
  • Stunning strike from a distance
  • combinable skills on a point basis
  • specializing in 2-hand swords
  • extremely high defense
  • War cries (calls) that increase additional values of the entire group
  • Revive another player
  • small healing of another player
  • intoxicating shield bash
  • specializing in 1-hand sword and shield
  • high Defense (receives less damage from enemies)
  • additional evasion (block shield or 2 H sword)
  • special skills to increase the aggressiveness of the Monser from the distance
  • no remote attacks