Collateral damage (explosive blow)

Published: Wednesday, 05 March 2014
In addition to the critical damage, there are even additional damage (explosive blow = EB). Visually, the explosive blow is represented as a green cloud of explosion at the enemy.
The loss of the explosive blow is calculated from the respective explosive blow level and the base damage of a weapon. Each weapon with a weapon level by 40 (40 degrees) or higher explosive blow can be equipped with this.
But add the explosive to blow of a weapon, the weapon required increased base damage by talisman of attack / magic. The level of the explosive blow can be only as high as there are maximum talisman of attack/magic on the weapon. Maximum level of explosive blow however is located at 20, where, however, the fundamental damage level by talisman of attack/magic is at 24. For more information, see base weapon damage increase.
The explosive can blow at the blacksmith (BlackSmith) in the city "temporary Fort of Geum-Ohee Castle"or in the city"City of priest" to be added to a weapon. So that the operation successfully, it requires "Revision Stones". With these stones, you increase the chance of success, to add the explosive to blow of a weapon. If do not have this chance of success at 100% it could be that the gun breaks down or an explosive blow loses level.


  1. Talk to the NPC ("BlackSmith") in the city "temporary Fort of Geum-Ohee Castle' (44) or in the city"City of priest"(near the water).
    Under the point [applying explosive blow] this addition can be added to damage a weapon.
  2. It opens a new window where you in the lower section guns looks, which can receive additional damage.
    In the upper window, you can see the selection of revising and ExplosiveBlow.
  3. Now select your weapon that should get the extra damage, and clicks on the "input" button. The weapon appears in the upper pane. by
    Revising tab, you can see now that the weapon has a 50% chance of success on explosive blow.
    After you pull a "revision stone" through the "Apply" button on the gun, the chance of success is increased to 100%. (To see the image at "next successful percentage: 100")
    Make sure that the current chance of success ("current successful percentage:") is always at 100%.
    The last line says "Required Stone of Revision", how many "revision stones" you needed for the operation, to increase the chance of success.
    The higher the level of the explosive blows, the more stones are needed.
  4. Under the tab ExplosiveBlow can now add the additional damage (explosive blow) the weapon or to increase the level.
    Simply from the bottom of the weapon select, which should receive the explosive blow. Should previously success increases the chance of the weapon have been be, located the weapon still in the slot and need not again be selected.
  5. At the top, one now sees the current chance of success of the gun to increase the explosive blow. If the chance of success is not at 100% (to see), as shown in the picture the chance should be increased before revising "Revision Stones" tab. See section 3 for more information to do so.
    The chance that the appreciation of the weapon will fail is 30.0% ("percentage of failure: 30.0%").
    The chance that the weapon level loses an explosive blow at the failure, is 15.0% ("percentage of downgrade in case of failure: 15.0%").
    The chance that the failure of the weapon then breaks, is also listed ("percentage of destruction in case of failure:"). To read this information the mouse wheel can be in the window used to scroll down.
    After confirming the operation with "Apply" the explosive blow will increase level of weapon or added to.

Number of revision of stones and costs for the explosive blow level:

[EB] List

Level: Revision stones: Geon
Chance of success
1 1 1500 10%
2 2 3000 11%
3 2 4500 11%
4 4 6000 12%
5 5 7500 12%
6 7 9000 13%
7 10 10500 13%
8 13 12000 14%
9 21 13500 14%
10 29 15000 15%

[EB] List

Level: Revision stones: Geon
Chance of success
11 45 16500 15%
12 92 18000 16%
13 188 19500 16%
14 192 2100 17%
15 196 22500 17%
16 297 24000 18%
17 297 25500 18%
18 396 27000 19%
19 495 28500 19%
20 594 30000 20%